Code Documentation

Public API

The public API is the stable, minimal set of entry points for end-users and developers who build code on top of NeuroM.

neurom NeuroM neurom morphology analysis package
neurom.viewer Tools to visualize neuron morphological objects
neurom.core Core functionality and data types of NeuroM IO operations module for NeuroM
neurom.check Basic tools to check neuronal morphologies.
neurom.stats Statistical analysis helper functions
neurom.exceptions Module containing NeuroM specific exceptions

Developer API

The developer API consists of implementation code supporting the public API, as well as rough experimental code that is not stable enough to be made public. This is intended for developers of NeuroM itself.

neurom.morphmath Mathematical and geometrical functions used to compute morphometrics
neurom.fst NeuroM, lightweight and fast
neurom.fst.sectionfunc Section functions and functional tools
neurom.check.morphtree Python module of NeuroM to check neuronal trees.
neurom.check.structural_checks Module with consistency/validity checks for raw data blocks
neurom.check.neuron_checks NeuroM neuron checking functions.
neurom.core.types Type enumerations
neurom.core.tree Generic tree class and iteration functions
neurom.core._neuron Neuron classes and functions
neurom.core._soma Soma classes and functions
neurom.core.point Point classes and functions
neurom.core.dataformat Data format definitions Utility functions and for loading neurons Module for morphology SWC data loading Module for morphology HDF5 data loading
neurom.view View tools to visualize morphologies
neurom.view.common Functionality for styling plots
neurom.view.view visualize morphologies