Reporting issuesΒΆ

Issues should be reported to the NeuroM github repository issue tracker. The ability and speed with which issues can be resolved depends on how complete and succinct the report is. For this reason, it is recommended that reports be accompanied with

  • A minimal but self-contained code sample that reproduces the issue. Minimal means no code that is irrelevant to the issue should be included. Self-contained means it should be possible to run the code without modifications and reproduce the problem.
  • The observed and expected output and/or behaviour. If the issue is an error, the python error stack trace is extremely useful.
  • The commit ID of the version used. This is particularly important if reporting an error from an older version of NeuroM.
  • If reporting a regression, the commit ID of the change that introduced the problem
  • If the issue depends on data, a data sample which reproduces the problem should be up-loaded. But check first whether the error can be reproduced with any of the data samples available in the test_data directory.