Morphology Population Classes and Functions.


Population(files[, name, ...])

Morphology Population Class.

class neurom.core.population.Population(files, name='Population', ignored_exceptions=(), *, cache=False, process_subtrees=False)

Morphology Population Class.

Offers an iterator over morphs within population, neurites of morphs, somas of morphs. It does not store the loaded morphology in memory unless the morphology has been already passed as loaded (instance of Morphology).

Construct a morphology population.

  • files (Sequence[str|Morphology|Path]) – collection of morphology files or paths to them or instances of Morphology.

  • name (str) – Optional name for this Population

  • ignored_exceptions (tuple) – NeuroM and MorphIO exceptions that you want to ignore when loading morphs.

  • cache (bool) – whether to cache the loaded morphs in memory. If false then a morphology will be loaded everytime it is accessed within the population. Which is good when population is big. If true then all morphs will be loaded upon the construction and kept in memory.

  • process_subtrees (bool) – enable mixed tree processing if set to True


symlinks in paths are not resolved.

property morphologies

Iterator to populations’s morphologies.

property neurites

Iterator to populations’s neurites.

property process_subtrees

Enable mixed tree processing if set to True.

property somata

Iterator to populations’s somata. Somata is the plural form of soma.